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Batch Type Furnaces

    Pit Type Nitriding Furnaces
  • Batch Type Furnaces The Wellman Pit Nitriders are essentially removable pit type furnaces designed for nitriding applications.

    Special metals and specific manufacturing techniques are employed to ensure longevity of the Nitriding Retort and other furnace fixtures. These heavy duty furnaces are built to last long without maintenance. Appropriate dissociation panels and various appliances provided for atmosphere monitoring, which ensures the optimum and uniform quality of nitriding.

    These features make Wellman Nitriders popular with Aircraft manufacturing plants, Automobile manufacturers as well as repairing units.

    Pit Type Gas Carburizing Furnaces
  • The Wellman Pit Type Gas Carburizing Furnaces are popular heavy duty batch carburizing equipment. Fitted with hydraulically operated lids, these furnaces are very easy to operate, control and maintain.

    Carburizing may be achieved by carbon drip method or by using carrier and carburizing gases like endo-gas with LPG addition.

    A provision can be made for automatic carbon potential control.
    Grooved Hearth Furnace
  • The Wellman Grooved Hearth Furnace is designed for heavy duty operation.

    These effective and energy efficient furnaces are operated with the charging and discharging machine. The furnaces are installed for mass production / jobbing Heat treatment shops.

    A battery of Grooved Hearth Furnaces, with a charging machine (normally consisting of a high temperature furnace for hardening) followed by a mechanized quench tank and a low temperature furnace for tempering, provides a full range of heat treatment, normally required in the industry.

    Steady production at high thermal efficiency and minimum down time are the advantages of this furnace system.

    The design and operation of this installation combines the efficiency and output of a continuous furnace as well as the flexibility of a batch furnace.
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Cast Link Belt Conveyor Furnaces

Cast Link Belt Conveyor Furnaces The Continuous Link Belt Furnaces of Wellman design embody all the well-known advantages of continuous processes over batch treatment. The conveyor consists of heat resistant cast alloy links of Nickel Chromium of interlock design, rigid surface for load carrying and great mechanical strength. The positive drive of the conveyor without stretching or uneven motion adds to the impressive advantages. Wellman Cast Link Furnaces are admirably suited for normalizing forgings, hardening and tempering of bolts, nuts and bearing rings. The tempering furnace employs a re-circulating system, which ensures accurate temperature uniformity. The furnaces may be fired by L.P. Gas radiant tubes for controlled atmosphere operation, or may be electrically heated.

Bogie Hearth Furnaces

Bogie Hearth Furnaces Wellman Bogie Hearth Furnaces are one of the most versatile and reliable furnaces available. They cover a wide range of applications covering all types of heat treatment and reheating. The sizes range from small furnaces to mammoth ones having forty feet arch span. Both single and double bogie designs are available. Bogie furnaces are insulated with Low Thermal mass insulations to minimize heat wastage to a bare minimum, resulting in substantial energy saving.

Pusher Type Furnaces

Pusher Type Furnaces Wellman Pusher Type Furnaces are used for varied applications such as stress relieving, annealing, normalizing, isothermal annealing, spherodising, hardening and tempering.
The furnaces are tailor-made to suit specific heat treatment applications.

The furnace can be designed for providing lock chambers in applications where protective atmosphere is used to reduce gas combustion.

The furnaces can be designed for electric, gaseous or oil fuel.

Roller Hearth Furnaces

Roller Hearth Furnaces Roller Hearth Furnaces of Wellman design are recognised for low energy consumption, temperature uniformity and reliable performance.
Wellman Roller Hearth Furnaces are custom-made to suit the customer's specific application and can be used for varied applications such as stress relieving, annealing, normalizing, hardening, tempering of tubes, plates, flats, sheets, etc.

These furnaces are specially designed for operation with nitrogen, exothermic or endothermic atmosphere with emphasis on low protective atmosphere gas consumption.

Lock Chambers can be provided, if necessary, to ensure treatment without decarburization.

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Rotary Hearth Furnaces

Rotary Hearth Furnaces The Wellman Rotary Hearth Furnaces are also continuous heavy duty furnaces designed for reheating and heat treatment applications.
They are either fuel fired or electrically heated, and designed for a high degree of energy economy.

Mounted on robustly designed wheels, the Wellman Rotary Hearth Furnace guarantees smooth operation and minimum down time.

Special design features ensure easy and minimum maintenance.

Homogenizing Furnaces

Homogenizing Furnaces The Wellman Homogenizing Furnaces are specifically designed and are heavy duty air-circulation furnaces engineered to withstand a heavy load and work continuously without breakdown.
A specially designed high power air circulation system produces a high degree of temperature uniformity within the charge space.

Ladle Heaters & Tundish Driers

Ladle Heaters & Tundish Driers Proper Ladle Heating and Drying Systems are essential to reduce skull formation and to increase refractory life. On continuous casting system, heating of ladles to 1100C to 1200C enable reduction of L.D. temperature by 50C.
A wide range of Ladle Heating Systems are available with Wellman Wacoma - from the smallest 10 tones to large 300 tones sizes.

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