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Quality Certification
Quality Certification

Since its inception, Wellman Wacoma has been committed to bringing the best quality equipment to the market. Developed over the years, our quality control system covers all aspects of the manufacturing process, right from the inspection of raw material to the final dispatch. Our stringent quality inspectors conduct rigorous inspection and testing of the products during the various stages of operation.

The raw material is tested both dimensionally and metallurgically, besides being checked for conformity with drawing requirement. The raw material is also ultrasonically tested for detection of cracks.

Every coupling is numerically identified by numbering and punching. Hardened components are checked for hardness and micro structure.

The teeth of the Wellman gear couplings are triple crowned to ensure longevity, better contact point on the pitch line and greater possibility of misalignment. The tooth spacing of the coupling is measured by special devices.

The Wellman Resilient Coupling uses a special spring steel material, which is hardened and tempered in our own furnace under stringent conditions with controlled heat treatment procedure to get the maximum resilience from the coupling.

Every coupling goes through a rigorous and thorough final inspection before being dispatched with the Wellman guarantee.

Wellman Wacoma has been recognized and has been granted certification for meeting the ISO 9001-2000 standards. The ISO 9001- 2000 registration process, demonstrates Wellman's commitment to meeting customer expectations for its products and services by continually improving its operations.

Our Quality Assurance Program uses continuous improvement to achieve the satisfaction our customers deserve.

Quality Certification
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